This manual will help you to install Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and to configure your pc so you can use it as a workstation. An offline PDF version is also available which can be downloaded here. You can use the Windows Server 2008 Workstation Converter created by sawo if you want to automate the whole process. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to post your question on the forums. Screenshots of my final Windows Server 2008 workstation can be viewed here.

If you are still not convinced why to use Windows Server 2008 as your workstation OS, read this article and read the discussion at the forum.

Table of Contents

1. Installation, Drivers, OS Language and Owner Information: Installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and how to set owner name and -organization.

2. Wireless Networking: (If you don’t use wireless, skip this step) Enable wireless networking in Windows Server 2008.

3. New User, Auto Logon and Strong Passwords Enforcement: How to create a new user, how to configure a user to logon automatically and how to disable enforcement of a minimum complexity for passwords.

4. Shutdown Tracker: How to disable the annoying Shutdown Event Tracker.

5. Ctrl+Alt+Del: Disable ctrl+alt+del at Windows startup.

6. Audio and Startup Sound: Enable audio and Startup Sound in Windows Server 2008.

7. Computername: Change computername.

8. Performance: Increase performance of applications in windows server.

9. Internet Explorer Enhanced Security: Disable Enhanced Security in Internet Explorer.

10. Themes, SideBar with Custom Gadgets, Aero Cursors and Thumbnails: Enable the Vista Aero theme and 3d flip with Sidebar and preview thumbnails in Windows Explorer.

11. SuperFetch: Maintain and Improve your system performance.

12. Delay Activation: How to extend the evaluation period to 240 days.

More Features

13. Windows Search: Install the Windows Search service to search your Outlook and documents.

14. Hyper-V: How to install the Hyper-V virtualization serverrole in Windows Server 2008 x64.

15. Offline Files: Installing the Offline Files feature to improve mobility!

Additional Information

Forum: Place here all your questions, problems and solutions about configuring and using Windows Server 2008 as Workstation.

Security Software: Check what Antivirus and Firewall programs are compatible with Windows Server 2008.

Games and Entertainment: List of Games that can (not) be played and articles about how to get them working.

Wish List: Features we want to have in Windows Server 2008, but aren’t working yet.

Fine-Tuning Services: Optimize performance by configuring the Windows Services.

Youtube Channel: Tips & Tricks from the win2008workstation Youtube Channel.


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