Extend Evaluation Period to 240 days

Probably you want to use Windows Server 2008 as your default operating system, but because of the 60 day limit you haven’t installed it yet. This guide will explain how to reset up to 3 times so you have 240 days (4 x 60 days) time to evaluate. Don’t rearm if you don’t need to, because if you do that you waste the evaluation time you had remaining! Microsofts Knowledge Database explains a way to configure it will automatically reset each 60 days, but the Task Sheduler gives an error when you try to import the Task, because the maximum interval between triggers is 31 days, and the .xml file tries to set a delay of 59 days. The information in this guide is the same information as the KB article.

1. First we are going to take a look how many days we have left to evaluate Windows Server 2008. Click Run in the menu Start, then type slmgr.vbs -dli and click OK. Be patient after clicking OK because it will take some time before it will show you a Windows Script Host message window that says how much time you have remain.


2. If the message window previous screen says you have only a few days left do the following to reset the evaluation period back to 60 days. Click Run in the menu Start, then type slmgr.vbs -rearm and click OK. After a couple of seconds it will show you the message window that the command has completed. Restart your system to apply the reset!


3. To verify your evaluation period is reset after reboot click Run in the Start menu, enter slmgr.vbs -dli and click OK. A few moments later it will show you, you have 60 days left again!


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95 Responses

  1. dOGHAIR says:

    btw, you don’t need to type run for most of this other very useful stuff. Just type the name of the service or the command in the search box. If you can’t remember the full name of say, services.msc (is that even it? I forget 😛 ) just type service and names start popping up above for you to click on.

  2. dOGHAIR says:

    I think I just answered my own question by setting the clock forward a few months and rebooting.
    I now see “activate today” and I was offered to change my password.
    I also see a product key near the “activate today” I can’t remember if that was there before or not.
    Thanks to all those that brought this to light and McFly, you are golden!

  3. dOGHAIR says:

    Hello all, if I was able to follow the McFly slides (awesome)
    and delete all of the three files should I see “activate today” instead of “60 day(s) to activate” ?
    Is the method simply to delete those files or did I possibly do something out of order or wrong that leaves me with the 60 day left warning.
    I am trying this on server 2008 enterprise x64.

  4. Eric says:

    I did it !

    If you follow all the steps since the installation your copy will work for everything. I tested a bunch

    Thanks MCFLY.

  5. valorisa says:


    If the system clock of your machine is out-dated, the Windows Update won’t work.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps you are right but with Vista installed there is 1 year, the Mcfly’s method allow the Windows Update. Can you send us a screenshot about your problem please ?

    I continue to investigate the problem.

    Isn’t there anyone here for a confirmation please ?


  7. Anonymous says:


    At least, have you made a backup of SLLUA.exe, SLUI.exe and SLUINotify.dll like said previously ?

    After 60 days, you can again launch a “slmgr.vbs -rearm”. The Windows Update works fine. Today I have did a Windows Update and no problem.

    Now after 240 days (60 days + 3 * rearm), I don’t know how W2k8 reacts with Windows Update.

    An notification please here to check that this works or not ?


  8. Gideon7 says:

    All that does is turn off the Activation nag warning. After 60 days your computer goes into non-compliance mode like any other failed-to-activate computer, which means you fail WGA checks, can’t download from Microsoft Update, etc.

  9. valorisa says:

    The new lik :


    and click on “ByPass”


  10. valorisa says:


    The indication “The copy…is not genuine” is normal but this method (without crack, serial or malware) works if you have followed the differents steps.


  11. stick3r8 says:

    I try this one, but after updating files on micro$oft, i got a note on the right side bottom of the windows Very near in the clock when I restart my computer, not coz it is to fast say:”The copy of this file is not Genuine” please clarify…

    Admin: Are you sure you haven’t entered any serial during the installation and haven’t tried any activation crack available on the internet? None of the pc’s i installed it on has this problem.

  12. Anonymous says:


    You can use the CLI (command line interface) with “schtasks” to activate a dynamic rearm but don’t forget that at the end you will have to buy the product or try the Sergio Mcfly’s method…


  13. Henry says:

    Does anyone know how to do the automatic rearm so you do not have to do all this manually, I have the code but dont understand how to do it

  14. valorisa says:


    If you can’t delete one of these files (SLUI, SLLUA or SLUINotify.dll) you can try to move SLUINotify.dll to a place of your choice, for example the Desktop or an other place (but not in c:windowssystem32 or c:windows). I have had the same problem and have found this solution.

    A good advice : make a directory on your hard disk and name it “SLUI_backup” and move the 3 files SLUI, SLLUA and SLUINotify.dll to this directory. Do not delete these files…

    Let us know the result.



  15. halim47 says:

    mr valorisa,i do it in my machine to ur project (http://windows2008.blogdns.com/slides/0.asp) but last (SLUINotify.dll)file dosn’t delate (destination folder acces denied)you need permission to prform this action. how can delate this plz tellme…thanks

  16. Gideon7 says:

    IIRC, it is 30 days for retail SKUs and 60 days for MSDN SKUs.

  17. valorisa says:


    A gift for you and your readers !



    40 slides that you can watch if you click the red arrow on the right side.

    “no cracks, no serials, nothing. JUST WINDOWS. Have fun !”

    A huge thank to Mcfly


  18. Bucket says:

    If you have access to MSDN – Partner Program – your key works perfectly. Also, the key works with the 2008 Workstation build that is floating around on usenet.

  19. Erik says:

    When I run the ‘slmgr.vbs -dli’ I get a 59 days remaining time. But because it’s a VOLUME_KMSCLIENT channel, it will attempt to do a automatic activation within 3 days.

  20. karstux says:

    What happens if the evaluation period expires? Is it still possible to re-arm the trigger afterwards?

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