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To protect your computer against viruses and hacking attempts you have to install security software. This page will list all sofware that is known to be compatible with Windows Server 2008. If you are using an application that isn’t listed here or if you are aware of an application that absolutely doesn’t work, please add a comment with the <Application Name>, <Version: Home, Business, …>, <Computer Architecture: 32bit or 64bit>, <Website>, and eventually <Known Compatibility Issues>!

More (non) working applications can be found in the Applications Compatibility section at the forum.

* Because some security software only works on x64 or only x86, the architecture has been added. The * means that I don’t know if only x64, x86 or even both are (not) working. Please confirm it!

Application NameWebsite32bit Compatible64bit CompatibleIssuesFix
Eset Nod32 AntiVirus v3 Business Edition
Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro 2008*Yes--
Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro 2008*Yes--
Sophos Anti-Virus*Yes*Could slow down your system.-
Avast! 4 Antivirus Home Edition*YesWon't install on Server OS. See commentSee forum
AVG Antivirus Free and Paidhttp://free.grisoft.comYesYesWon't install on Server OS.Anon has the solution! (addition)
Avira Personal Edition Premium 8.0*NoSee comment-
Avira AntiVir Personal't install on Server OS.See Comment or forum
Symantec Endpoint Protection v11 comment. In x64 only install AntiVirus.-
Trend Micro OfficeScan*Yes*--
AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition
Symantec Corporate Antivirus 10 Corporate Edition is not compatiblex64 version may need msi patching
Kerio WinRoute Firewall*Yes*--
Kaspersky Anti-Virus*YesWon't install on Server OS.See Comment
PC Tools AntiVirus 4.0 Free Edition
Look 'n' Stop Firewall*Yes*--
PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition*No--
ClamWin Free Antivirus
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5/8.7i
Kaspersky Internet Security 7*Won't install on Server OS.See Comment
Comodo Firewall Pro 3, see comment. Installs, but won't offer any security.-
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Server Enterprise Edition*Yes*-
Eset Nod32 AntiVirus/Smart Security v3 Home Edition't install on Server OS.Use Business Edition (see comment)
Spybot - Search & Destroy*Yes--
BitDefender Internet Security 2008*Yes--
ZoneAlarm Free experiences: comment, comment and comment-
ZoneAlarm Antivirus v7.0 for XP't install on Server OS.-
ZoneAlarm Antivirus v7.1 for Vista't install on Server 2008 x64.-
Kaspersky Internet Security 2009*-See Comment
Eset Nod32 Smart Security v3 Business Edition when using in combination with Hyper-V.-
Trend Micro Internet Security 2009*Yes--
Twister Anti-TrojanVirus*--
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Comments-
Spyware Doctor v6't install; see comment-
Spyware Doctor v5.5*--
SUPERAntiSpyware v4.1*--
BitDefender Antivirus 2008*Could slow down Windows Server 2008.Apply MSI Fix.
CA Anti-Virus 2008*Won't install on Server 2008.-
Avira Antivir Server Edition*--
Ikarus AntiVirus*--
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 ('t install on Server 2008.See forum and x86 comment.
BitDefender 10 Free Edition*NoRootkitscanner and the shell integration doesn't work.-
Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro v6*AFW.SYS could not be loaded.-
Moon Secure Antivirus*--
ZoneAlarm Internet Security 7.1 for Vista*--
ThreatFire AntiVirus
Microsoft Forefront Client Security*Yes--
Agnitum Outpost Firewall 2009*See commentSee Comment
Avast! 4.8 Antivirus Server Edition
Rising Antivirus Free Edition
CA eTrust Antivirus v7.1.192*--
Sunbelt Vipre v3.1*Yes*Deep Scan with Anti-Rootkit Detection hangs the machine.-
Jetico Personal Firewall v2*Yes*--
Avira Premium Security Suite*No*See comment-
Eset Nod32 v4.0 Beta 1*Yes*Won't installSee forum
SpyWare Blaster v4.1*Yes--
McAfee VirusScan Plus 2009*NoSee comment.-
PeerGuardian 2 RC1*See comment.-
Windows Live OneCare for Server*Yes*--
Panda Antivirus Pro 2009
F-Secure Anti-Virus 2009*Yes*--
Zemana Antilogger*Yes*--
G DATA InternetSecurity 2009*Yes--
BitDefender Total Security 2009*Yes--
F-Secure Internet Security 2009*NoWon't install-
Eset NOD32 2.70.39*Yes*--
Microsoft Forefront Client Security
Zonealarm Internet Security 8.0*Yes--
Online Armor*Yes*--

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255 Responses

  1. Ice says:

    ^ I am unable to get Kaspersky 7 working in Server 2008 as well.

  2. arthuran says:

    I try many time, Kaspersky any version not work in Windows Server 2008. = =”

  3. Andrew says:

    ESET Smart Security / NOD32 Home won’t work. The Business edition is fine, but only comes in packs for 5+ machines. NOD32 version 2 will install (and was licensed) on server OSs (I ran it on W2k3). This is still available for download, though I’m not sure if a new licence would cover server use, or if a newly purchased key would work with the old version.

  4. Raspy says:

    Technically you can get the Latest version of Comodo Pro to work by running it in XP SP2 Compatability mode, but the Network Firewall wont work and Defense+ will nag alot. If there was a Windows Vista Compatability mode for Windows Server 2008 I bet it would work alot better. ^-^

  5. uni says:

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition is a good choice .

  6. ph03n!x says:

    McAfe Enterprise Edition 8.5 works fine – even the Anti-Spam add-in works!

  7. krom12 says:

    has anybody tried ClamWin? i installed it and it works fine its not fancy but it does the job and its a FREE opensource tool
    have fun.

  8. sps says:

    Pctools firewall Free!
    Finally I found a free firewall, working good so far…

  9. re*s.t.a.r.s.*2 says:

    Hi , yes the version I used in compatibility option is
    I unpacked and got 3 files out of it, Kav.en.msi , setup.exe (this I used compatibility mode) and a last file called setup.reg , installer would hang trying to download the most uptodate setup file, clicked cancel and then proceed to install as normal, work just fine no problem at all, fast as ussual….

    Hope you can duplicate this….

    here is pics of it:

    Arris: Thanks for your reply. I will try installing kav7.0.1.321en.exe next week as soon as I have Hyper-V working!
    Arris Edit: Tried installing kav7.0.1.321en.exe (25.82 MB) but got this result. Maybe you are using a pro/business edition and I use a home edition?

  10. sps says:

    Latest Comodo Firewall installs fine in compatibility mode (xp sp2), seem to work fine too, however it reports some errors and it can’t fix by itself, me neither, lol!

  11. re*s.t.a.r.s.*2 says:

    Hi just to remak, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 works with OS 2008, you have to use compatibily to make it think you are in XP sp2.

    Best regards

    Arris: What executable do I need to run in compitibility mode? I tried running kav7.0.0.125en.exe in compatability mode, and tried the unpacked C:kavkav7.0englishsetup.exe, but both still say that win2008 is not supported.

  12. LaZ says:

    anyone tried ZoneAlarm Internet Security with Win2k8?

  13. Triel says:

    I have found that even the paid versions of AVG will not install in Server 2008, except the server versions.

    I just tested AVG 8 and got the same message about it not installing on a server platform.

  14. Bucket says:

    Symantec Corporate Anti Virus (Vista client install) works.
    I use the 64 bit version.

  15. gerinho says:

    Kerio WinRoute Firewall works

  16. hebgbs says:

    Trend Micro’s OfficeScan works great.

  17. Bucket says:

    The new Symantec AV – Symantec Endpoint Protection installs fine and works perfectly on Server 2008.

  18. cyb says:

    Comodo Firewall won’t install on a server system as well

  19. cyn says:

    The popular free scanners like Avast, AVG and AntiVir won’t install on a server system. I am using Sophos right now, but it can slow down the system a lot..

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