Aero Cursors in Server 2008

By default Windows Server 2008 has the plain white mousepointer. In this tutorial we will install the aero mouse pointers of Windows Vista.

1. Download from Win2008Workstation, help Rapidshare or 4shared.

2. Open and browse within the archive to the folder cursors. Within the cursors folder select all files by pressing ctrl+A, ask click with your right mouse button on the selection and select Copy.

3. Browse with Windows Explorer to C:WindowsCursors and click Paste in the Edit menu. All Aero cursors will now be unpacked to your system.

4. Go to the root of the archive and double click at the aero_cursors(.reg) file. Click Yes when the Registry Import warning appears.

5. In the Start menu click Control Panel.

– If you use the Modern View, click Mouse in the Hardware and Sound section.

– If you use the Classic View, doubleclick the Mouse icon.

In the Mouse Properties window click tab Pointers, select Windows Aero from the Scheme dropdown list. Optionally you can also check the Enable pointer shadow.

6. Enjoy the smooth looking mouse pointers and cursor animations! 😉


Like Microsoft Windows Vista its also possible to use the Aero theme or at least the Vista Basic theme without transparency and 3d flip. Note that following this tutorial and installing the “Desktop Experience” Feature also installs Windows Calendar, doctor Windows Mail, Windows Media Player, Video for Windows (AVI support), Windows Photo Gallery, Windows SideShow, Windows Defender, Disk Cleanup, Sync Center, Sound Recorder and Character Map.

1. Start the Server Manager by clicking the Server Manager icon in the systray, or the Server Manager shortcut in directly the Start menu or in the menu Administrative Tools.


2. In the Server Manager click below the category Features Summary on Add Features.


3. In the Add Features Wizard window check Desktop Experience, then click Next.


4. Review the installation selection and click Install to start the installation.


5. After the installation has finished, click the Close button and click Yes if you are asked to restart your computer.


6. When you computer has restarted, click Start, Run, then type services.msc and click OK. Next double click on the service named Themes, set Startup type to Automatic and click Apply. Now click Start to start the themes service and close the service manager.


7. right click on an empty spot of your desktop and choose Personalize. In the Personalization window click Theme. Select the Browse… option from the dropdown if theme Windows Vista is not already listed.


8. If theme Windows Vista was not listed, browse to the folder %systemroot%ResourcesThemes, then select aero and click Open. Apply your selection by clicking OK.


9. If you have installed drivers for your videocard you can also enable transparent window borders and 3D Flip (Windowskey + Tab) with Windows Aero Theme in stead of the Windows Vista Basic theme. To do this click Window Color and Appearance in your Personalization window, select Windows Aero and click OK.