Game Controllers

To get your joystick/steering wheel or other game controllers working and to configure them in Windows Server 2008, you first have to get the Game Controllers item in the Control Panel.

1. To get the Game Controllers item in your Control Panel download from Mirrorcreator if you are using the x86 version of Windows or from Mirrorcreator if you are using the x64 version. These files are taken from respectively a clean installation of Windows Vista Ultimate x86 and Windows Vista Ultimate x64. The .cpl files of Windows Vista don’t work.

2. Right click or and choose Extract All in the context menu. Choose as destination C:Windows and optionally uncheck Show extracted files when complete. Click Extract and choose Yes when asked if you want to merge the System32 (and SysWOW64 in x64) folder.

3. In the Start menu click Control Panel.

– If you use the Modern View, click the Hardware and Sound section and choose Set up USB game controllers.

– If you use the Classic View, doubleclick the Game Controllers icon.

4. Configure your game controller and play!

Thanks to microslav for this nice trick and Mark for the files!

Installing Unreal Tournament 3

When you install games and software in Windows Server, viagra some installations will say that server operating systems are not supported and abort the installation. In this tutorial we will modify the .msi file of Unreal Tournament 3 as an example, seek but for other games and software you can do this the same way!

Patching msi packages can be done either manually or automatically.


1. Create a new folder somewhere on your harddisk, select all files from the UT3 dvd and copy them to the newly created folder.

2. Download the Orca MSI Editor from Rapidshare or 4Shared, and install the tool.

3. Right click on the Unreal Tournament 3.msi setup file in the folder you copied the UT3 dvd files to, and click Edit with Orca.

4. In the Orca MSI Editor click the table LaunchCondition on the left, next right click the condition that was preventing us from installing UT3 and click Drop Row. Click OK when asked if you want to continue.

5. Now save the change by clicking Save in the File menu. You can close the Orca MSI Editor now.

6. Launch the Installation of Unreal Tournament 3 by double clicking SetupUT3.exe from the installation folder of UT3 on your harddisk.

7. Play UT3!


Thanks to Sky_Dynasty for the tip!

1. Download MSI File Install from Win2008Workstation.

2. Read the ReadMe.txt inside the archive.

3. (Hopefully) install the game or application!