Why should I use a Server OS for my Workstation??

Probably you are thinking at the moment: “Why the heck should I use Windows Server 2008 as my Workstations Operating System?? Vista works fine for me…”.

The answer is clear: Windows Server 2008 has almost exactly the same features as Windows Vista (SP1), but is remarkably faster and more stable! People say: “It’s Windows Vista without the bloat“!

Here are six great benchmarks which compare Windows Vista [SP1] against Windows Server 2008:

Beside the speed, Windows Server 2008 also includes:

  • Microsoft Internet Information Services 7: Fully featured webserver;
  • Hyper-V: Virtualization integrated in the Operating System.
  • Terminal Services: Work with multiple users simultaneously on one fast PC.
  • Much more!

Download and install Windows Server 2008 Now!!

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76 Responses

  1. Peter Brewer says:

    I personally run Linux with XP in a virtual machine for Visual Studio.

  2. John Duval says:

    Is everyone missing the most obvious deal-breaker to this solution? Developers will have no problem with this if they have an MSDN or Technet subscription, but the rest of us don’t have the cash to shell out $600 for a license of Server 2008 for our PCs at home…

  3. Buanzo says:

    Gilberto, then use dual-boot: Use Linux for pleasure, internet, etc, and Windows for Visual Studio. I really can’t be sure this might work for you, but it’s an unmentioned alternative here.

  4. Excellent idea, I will have a try… Unfortunately, as Nick suggests, I can’t use Linux as I’m developing with Visual Studio 2008 🙂

  5. Nick says:

    Or you know, you could just use Linux and stop having to put up with this kind of nonsense.

  6. nagasama says:

    i love the way it runs, but i am having trouble finding drivers for a few things.
    most of these things i dont really need, like the drivers for my razer tarantula.
    some, i would really like to have, like the utilities for my asus p5q-pro…which do NOT install with this OS.
    its give or take. love the 64 bit system, and it really is beautiful to look at.
    overall, four thumbs up.

  7. Tksl says:

    I just tested max mem in server x86 and for me is 3.2gb (4096mb on board)

    Arris: The memory limit for Server 2008 x86 is 4GB using Physical Address Extension. To force Windows to use PAE enter the following command in the Command Prompt and restart: BCDEdit /set PAE ForceEnable

  8. Intel 80486 DX2 says:

    Is it possible to write a setup-sequence that en- or disable the registry settings of a running vista system to get the same performance of win server 08 available for people who are not so sure in changing registry settings?

  9. if only Windows Vista was like this, the way you can customize and control what to install features I think this is the next best thing after Windows XP

    users are not that too stupid to customize everything on their computer

    I’m so impressed with Server OS 2008
    this is the first time I used a server OS on a workstation and I’ll use this until Windows 7 comes

    I thought i’ll be stuck at XP forever ^_^

  10. jamie says:

    I just installed it and did this process.. wow does it run fast.. I’m so impressed.

  11. adrian oprea says:

    WS2008 x32 standard it use 4 Gb of Ram ?
    Or only it show only instaled phisical memory
    but ussable memory is under 3.5 Gb like Vista SP1 ?

    Arris: Specifications of the different versions can be found here. You can use 4GB on a x86 system using Physical Address Extension but your system will run slower, so I advise to install a 64bit version!

  12. steve ball says:

    How to dual boot?I did it.
    For example take a standart 160 gb sata disk.
    Make 4 equal partition.Be carefull 4 primary partition
    not logical partition.
    Firstly.set up WinXP SP2 in first partition.
    Then install win vista in second free partition.
    and then set up 2008 32 bit in 3rd free partition…
    then boot from dvd and install win2008 64 bit in 4th
    free partition…
    windows boot manager will automatically configure boot menu.
    you should set up operating systems from older to newer of course.

  13. binjai says:

    Are there any guides on how to dual-boot WinXP SP2 with WinServer 2008 x64 Enterprise? sorry if OT


    Arris: Try the manual from the Intel Softwareblogs and use as XP booting settings, the configuration at tech-recipes.com. That should work… If there are more people who want this, I’ll make a tutorial.

  14. Anonymouse says:

    Uncripple Windows XP to allow more than 10 concurrent connections for IIS, allow more than 1 root website,


  15. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft Internet Information Services 7: Fully featured webserver;
    Vista has it too, but limited to 10 simultaneous connections since it’s not a server OS.

    Hyper-V: Virtualization integrated in the Operating System.
    When released Vista will get it too

    Terminal Services: Work on one PC simultaneously.
    Vista has it too…

  16. Mike says:

    Vista can’t perform as fresh install of Windows Server 2008, unless you disable almost all services. Windows 2008 can perform as bad as Vista when you load it with lots of services and anti virus.

    I have to hard disk for my laptop – one with Vista SP1 and one with Windows 2008, when both have all same services running – I really can’t see any difference in the performance!

    If you make your strip down installation copy (vlite) of Vista, remove all the features/services you dont need – it will perform 10 times better than before and you’ll still have the few desktop features (like Media Center).

  17. Rik Hemsley says:

    If 2008 and Vista are pretty much identical, would it be possible to ‘fix’ Vista so that it performs the same as 2008? If so, how? It would be interesting to find out what’s slowing it down.

  18. invalid_character says:

    I want an OS that really manages available memory to its fullest and has a much more robust filing system than NTFS. I think those are the reason WS2008 is the choice for anyone. The other stuff mentioned above is nice but unless you are a web hoster I can’t see why it is much more useful than, say, W2K pro or XP pro.

    Big problem for me is still the huge gap in available software vs. the popular workstation OS’s. I have a zillon utilities and always want “one more”. The world of 3rd party stuff that makes a PC cool to use exists as 32 bit XP executables and will be for a long while to come.

    If I had the brainpower to compile my own stuff, I’d be running Linux and that would be the end of the discussion ;-))

    Arris: You can try if all your 3rd party stuff works by installing Windows Server 2008 x86 in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. This way you can also learn the “difficult” Linux 😉

  19. Just Me says:

    “Work on one PC simultaneously.”???? I already do that now.

  20. nobody says:

    Hyper-V it’s RC0 in server2008

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