Windows Server 2008 Workstation Converter

If you don’t want to configure all options to convert Windows Server 2008 to a Workstation manually, sawo now made it possible to use a tool for this. He has done a great job by creating this converter to automate all steps of the manual!

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Support & Suggestions

Known Issue
The UxTheme patch may in cause an unbootable system in a few cases. To fix this, boot up the pc in Safe Mode with Command Prompt, change directory to %windir%System32 and rename the UxTheme.backup file back to UxTheme.dll. Now reboot and everything should work fine again!

Features of the Converter


Visual Tweaks




Delay Activation

Possible commandline parameters
-audio Enable windows audio
-cpu Optimize CPU performance for programs
-ie Disable IE Enhanced Security Configuration
-dotnet Install .NET Framework 3.0
-superfetch Enable SuperFetch
-desktop Install desktop experience
-themes Enable themes
-cad Disable CTRL+ALT+DEL at Startup
-events Disable shutdown event tracker
-name Change computer name
-wireless Enable wireless networking
-offline Enable offline files
-search Enable windows search service
-autologin Enable auto logon
-delay Delay activation
-check Check the remaining days left until activation
-uxtheme32 Apply the UxTheme Patch for 32bit systems
-uxtheme64 Apply the UxTheme Patch for 64bit systems
-sidebar32 Install the sidebar for 32bit systems.
-sidebar64 Install the sidebar for 64bit systems.
-joy32 Install the control panel item for game controllers on 32bit systems.
-joy64 Install the control panel item for game controllers on 64bit systems.
-cursors Install the vista aero cursors.

More information can be found in Readme.txt and Changelog.txt.

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176 Responses

  1. Jonathan says:

    Is the gameux.dll in the converter x86 or x64, since the Missing gameux.dll page has both a x86 and x64 version?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Make sure to reflect the Aero Cursor registry change from [HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelCursorsSchemes] to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionControl PanelCursorsSchemes] for Aero Cursors, otherwise, only current user will get Aero Cursors.

  3. s.griffen says:

    Not denying this is a great bundling of cmds but why is anyone using a Server platform as a workstation? By the workstation operating system!! Surely making these changes could cause possible problems with any future Windows updates and Service Pack releases….

  4. Anonymous says:

    what exactly “gameux.dll” does?

    thank your for this great tool ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. GeekyOne says:

    HyperV + for ppl like me (IT Admins) it’s handy having a server OS that you can try lots of things on ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks for the tool – just helped me make the decision to convert my laptop to Server2k8

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s very very important tool. Excellent!!! No words.

  7. PeterF says:

    Now for MediaCenter addition ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. dreyfus says:

    but after doing that you will have Windows Vista SP1 ๐Ÿ™‚ because they shares the same sourcecode ๐Ÿ™‚ seriously even Windows Server 2008 says it is SP1 ๐Ÿ™‚ and the build no. 6001.. the same thing.
    some of you that may have toght that Windows Server 2008 is performing better than Vista was because those services and stuff being disabled but enabling those things you will have Windows Vista SP1 + server stuff.
    So, what’s the point, really?

  9. Dusty says:

    Enabling superfetch caused programs to randomly crash on my machine, I had to edit the registry to stabilize my machine again. Might I suggest a restore/disable option for these settings.

  10. Henry says:

    Hey this is perfect, no long having to change everything automatically. this will do it in a fraction of the time

  11. Dr.Who says:

    How to install Windows Media Player Plug-in for Firefox
    1. Get
    2. unpack wmpfirefoxplugin.exe then copy ffplugin.msi
    3. install plugin with “msiexec /a ffplugin.msi”

  12. Kane says:

    I keep getting annoying error’s… maybe because its Server08 x64 enterprise… Its those .net errors… when i get a free day ill document them and submit them..

  13. Ing. Lele says:

    I suggest to add the ability to install BDA as describe in the forum:
    ht tp://

  14. Jealous Jesuit says:

    Diamond Geezer!

  15. Prinz von Taugenroth says:

    Hey, let me tell you something: a very professional and simple method to do it. I will appreciate it!
    Thanks …

  16. intoxic8ed says:

    The guide was easy, but this just makes it all that much easier. You are a god amongst men. Great work. =)

  17. Hans says:

    Dude, thanks very much. Looks like a great tool. Thanks a bunch…

  18. Jozef Sevcik says:

    Great. Once again – GREAT.

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