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On this page we create a list of our wishes for getting applications working in Windows Server 2008 or other preferences. If you want a feature that is not on this list, add a comment so I’ll add it.

WishSolutions/discussion TopicSatisfied
Windows Vista Games and Games ExplorerForum Thread: Windows Vista Games in Server 2008Games Explorer: see forum
Vista Media Center in Server 2008Forum Thread: Vista Media Center in Server 2008Not yet
Themes in Remote Desktop session with Server 2008Forum Thread: Themes in Remote DesktopPartially, see forum
Vista Migration Wizard (Easy Transfer)Forum Thread: Vista Migration Wizard (Easy Transfer)Not yet
Windows Vista Tablet PC InputForum Thread: Windows Vista Tablet PC InputNot yet
Using Offline FilesForum Thread: Offline Files in Server 2008Yes: Tutorial
ReadyBoost in Server 2008Forum Thread: ReadyBoost in Server 2008Partially, see forum
Speech RecognitionForum Thread: Speech RecognitionYes: Included in Converter Tool
System RestoreForum Thread: System RestoreWorkaround, see forum
Snipping ToolForum Thread: Snipping ToolYes: Vista's Snipping Tool or Alternative Solution (thanks to Mark4Dead)!
Windows Fax and ScanForum Thread: Windows Fax and ScanYes: Thanks to Mark4Dead's comment!
Custom Logonscreen BackgroundForum Thread: Custom Logonscreen BackgroundYes: Tutorial
Connect to a Network ProjectorForum Thread: Connect to a Network ProjectorNot Yet
Windows Media Sharing SupportForum Thread: Windows Media Sharing Support in Windows Server 2008Not Yet
Windows Experience IndexForum Thread: Windows Experience IndexOnly using commandline, see forum
Windows Mobility CenterForum Thread: Windows Mobility CenterNot Yet

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79 Responses

  1. anon says:

    install MPEG2(dvd) decoder.
    but not included AC3 sound filter…

    copy this from vista…

    regsvr32 /s Mpeg2Data.ax

    regsvr32 /s mpg2splt.ax

    regsvr32 /s kstvtune.ax

    regsvr32 /s MSDvbNP.ax

    regsvr32 /s MSNP.ax

    regsvr32 /s VBICodec.ax

    regsvr32 /s vbisurf.ax

  2. HMG says:

    Would like to see compatiblity with sidebar and server 2008 improvments in the gadgets

  3. EarthQ says:

    BT and WMDC sync now working.
    Just change in WMDC BT port with COM port that Toshiba BT lists in Control Panel as “LocalCOM-Server[SerialPort(TOSHIBA LocalCOM)”.

  4. EarthQ says:

    Dream Scene replacement (expiring beta yet): http://www.desktopfx.net/

  5. EarthQ says:

    BTW, WMDC isntalls, but cannot see the smartphone neither over USB cable. ๐Ÿ™

  6. EarthQ says:

    Regarding BT, as mentioned in the forums I tried to install Dell drivers (is a Dell ๐Ÿ™‚ and then Toshiba stack.
    With that I get some basic BT file transfer features, but cannot make my windows-based smartphone to sync over BT via Windows Mobile Device Center (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=46f72df1-e46a-4a5f-a791-09f07aaa1914&displaylang=en&tm)

    BTW, thanks for RA pointer ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. EarthQ says:


  8. EarthQ says:

    Remote Assistance

    Arris: You can install Remote Assistance via the Add Features Wizard in the Server Manager. After installing the feature, you can configure it by opening System in the Control Panel and clicking Remote Settings on the left.

  9. EarthQ says:

    Bluetooth support

    Arris: Have you tried installing the Wireless LAN Service Feature in the Server Manager? This topic contains more information about Windows Server 2008 Bluetooth support.

  10. EarthQ says:

    What about DVD decoding in Windows Media Player that is included in Vista Ultimate?

  11. EarthQ says:

    What about “Windows Meeting Place” & “Windows Movie Maker”?

  12. dancehallremix says:

    for some reason sony vegas Pro 6.0 runs funny on 2008 workstation setup

  13. Van says:

    I found the answer to my ‘Windows Search’ question over at Office Watch http://news.office-watch.com/t/?a=589&z=9 which has a useful summary of the Windows 2008 ‘workstation’ situation as it relates to Microsoft Office with links to this site.


    Arris: Thanks. Added the installation of the Windows Search service to the manual.

  14. Van says:

    How can you get the Windows index / search feature working?

    Yes I know it sucks but it can be useful in Outlook 2007, if only to stop Outlook 2007 complaining about the Index service not running.

    I can’t see a ‘Windows Search’ service in the services.msc list nor anything relevant in the Add Features list.

    ‘Indexing Options’ is in the Control Panel list but when you open it there’s a message ‘Indexing is not running’ but, typically, there’s no hint about how to get it running.



  15. NicolasS says:


    Do you know if tablet PC feature would work on the Windows 2008 Workstation?

    thanks for all those tips!

    Arris: A Tablet PC is officially not supported by Windows Server 2008, but maybe people are able to port it from Windows Vista.

  16. TheNetAvenger says:

    Media Center depends on several services (files may not be in Server Install) and have to be copied, registered, & installed as services) –

    No these do not add bloat to Vista as someone suggested, since if the users doesn’t e ven havea TV Tuner card, a very lite version of the service runs that is for remote media access.

    Media Center also is DirectX reliant, make sure you run the latest DirectX runtime distribution as well once you get the services running and the EXEs regi.)

  17. TheNetAvenger says:

    >>>People say that if you install Microsoft Terminal Services you can use themes, but I want it to be working without Microsoft Terminal Services

    Um, even in Vista, Remote Desktop (RDP) using Aero is running the Administrator Terminal Services Server.

    On Vista (RDP w/Aero = Terminal Server Services Administrator Mode)

    Not sure how you could be so technically literate and not understand this basic concept. Go read up on RDP, Terminal Services, and the default Admin Mode of Terminal Services of 2008.

    You can obviously install the non-administrator version of terminal services as well, but this is for having several users access the computer, not for remote administration.


    Arris: I got this information from this TechNet topic. Hope you now understand what my point is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. ph03n!x says:

    DreamScene!!! I have been trying to copy the files from Vista Ultimate, but with no success. Am using the x64 versions, btw… has anyone had any luck?

  19. Anonymous says:

    The reason that Vista Media Center doesn’t work is because the executables rely on Windows services to work properly, which are not installed. You would have to register the services with Windows and set them to start-up if you want it to work, but I imagine that’s where some of the Vista bloat comes from in th first place.

  20. Chad says:

    XINPUT9_1_0.dll is XInput (handling input from XBOX 360 devices) from DirectX, installing the newest DirectX may fix that.

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